How to use Google Home to control Aqara devices.

1.Finish network configurations for all devices in Aqara home app.

Tips:For better Google user experience, we suggest naming all the rooms/devices/scenes/automations in English.

2.Set up Google Home in Google Home app

Please ensure your Google Home device is working normally. After downloading the Google Home app, follow the instructions to finish account registration and enter your basic information according to the app.

To add the speaker after registration, tap “Add” in Home page as shown below to add Google Home. Then follow the audio instructions to link the account.

3.Link Aqara account

Enter the Home page of Google Home app as shown below:

Tap “Add” - “Set up a device”, then search for Aqara. The result should be as follows:

Tap the Aqara icon to enter the Aqara details page. Enter your Aqara account information and tap “Sign in”. After submitting your account information successfully, you will find Aqara devices in the device list as shown below: